Something Special


Our owner, Cheryl Strasser, has more than two decades of experience working as a professional pastry chef. We love putting her talents to the test and collaborating with our customers to create something wonderfully unique every time.


All of our cakes and minis are made with local ingredients. 

Cake All Day




*We Require a Minimum Order of $150 for All Wedding Cakes | Pricing is Per Guest |  $6-$9*

Vegan & Gluten Free Options Available 

*Sheet Cake | Ask for Details

Carrot Cake -  Not So Traditional... Organic Carrots & Cinnamon
White Cake -  The Goddess… Soft & Delicate
Almond Cake -  Dense & Rich
Bittersweet Chocolate Torte -  Chocolate Lovers Dream


Lemon or Passionfruit Curd - Tart & Tangy
Pastry Cream - Smooth Chocolate or Vanilla Bean Custard
Chocolate Mousse - Decadent!
Whipped Cream -  Local Cream From the Dairy Whipped to Perfection
Ganache - Match Made in Heaven Chocolate + Cream
Dacquoise - Hazelnut or Almond Crispy Baked Meringue 
Local Jam -  Quaker Valley's FinestSeasonal & Local Fruit - Market Fresh


Italian Buttercream - Local Egg Whites & Butter
Ganache - Match Made in Heaven Chocolate + Cream
Fondant - Swiss Made


Almond Cake | Almond Dacquoise | Apricot Jam | Scented Rum Italian Buttercream | Fondant


Bittersweet Chocolate Torte | Orange Blossom Pastry Cream | Chocolate Italian Buttercream Marbled Italian Buttercream & Ganache


White Organic Lavender Naked Cake | Lemon Curd | Blackberry Jam | Whipped Cream


Little Gems

our mini desserts

*minimum order of one dozen for all mini desserts 

classic bites

Brownies - Deep Dark & Fudgey, $1
Blondies - Butterscotch Chips & Walnuts Packed, $1
RKT - Local Browned Butter & Sea Salt Goodness, $1
Pop Tart - Flaky Pastry & Local Jam, $2
Shortbread & Jam -  Sweet & Buttery, $2.5
Pound - Vanilla Bean Infused, $2.5


Swiss Roll - Vanilla or Chocolate Genoise, Local Jam & Whipped Cream, $3
Deconstructed Napoleons - Crispy Cinnamon Puff Pastry, Pastry Cream, Whipped Cream & Fruit, $5
Choux Au Craquelin Filled with Salted Caramel Cream - Choux Baked with Shortbread, $4


Pecan - Makers Mark Bourbon,  $1.75
Fruit - Seasonal & Locally Sourced,  $1.75
Old Fashioned - Buttermilk, Pumpkin & Sweet Potato,  $1.75
Rustic Galette - Buttery Open Faced Pie Filled with Local Seasonal Fruit, $1.75

Petit Tarts

Poached Pear & Frangipane - Local Poached Pears & Almond, $4
Tangy Lemon - Shortbread Bottom & Lemon Curd, $4
Fruit Tart - Pate Sucree, Pastry Cream & Seasonal Fruit, $4
Peanut Butter - Chocolate Cookie Crust, Peanut Butter Mousse + Organic Peanut Butter Cups, $4


All Made with Local Butter & Eggs
Chocolate Chip - 64% Bittersweet Chips, $.75
Oreo - Dark & So Delicious, $1.5
Peanut Butter - Vegan Local Applesauce, $.75
Shortbread - Buttery with Choice of 
Chocolate Chip, Lavender Lemon or 
Toasted Pistachio, $.75
Wedding Cookies - Buttery Pecan Rolled in Powdered Sugar, $.95
Oatmeal - Blue Ribbon Recipe Walnuts Choice of Cranberry's or Butterscotch Chips, $.95

Delivery & Setup

For delivery to venues within Leesburg there is a flat rate of $50. 

For all deliveries outside of Leesburg there is a $75 flat rate plus an additional $3 per mile.

Display set up for a dessert table is available for an additional fee of $150. We have a variety of beautiful display pieces to choose from. 

Ready to Book?

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We would love to talk through the details and schedule a custom tasting.  Email Brittany for more information and to book your appointment!



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