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Cowbell Kitchen is a farm & local producer-driven food business. We have built strong relationships with like-minded farmers, producers and small businesses. The cast of characters is endless, but the story is the same: we are all here to live our passion and bring to everyone the beauty of locally grown, raised and produced food.

Founded in 2013 by vision in a dream, Cowbell continues to be a labor of love. Female lead, we are a small close knit and driven team. 


Meet Cheryl and Bre
Business Partners


Passionate, innovative, dreamers
who believe in perseverance,
dedication and h
ard work.

In 2018 Cheryl and Bre were brought together through their beloved Kaeley "KK" Brady. Cheryl, founder of Cowbell, was KK's best friend and business partner when they first opened their doors in Leesburg on Market Street. Bre is KK’s older sister. 23-year-old KK was living her dream of owning her own shop when she passed away tragically in 2018. After the loss of KK, Cheryl and Bre were reunited with a shared passion and dream. KK's dream to have the shop lives on and is in full color at their new location and through Cheryl and Bre's friendship. 

Cheryl is a trained pastry chef with over 30 years of experience. Bre has a design and marketing background with a previous career in graphic design. Together they run Cowbell - hands on day in and day out. They're best friends and business partners who share a quirky sense of humor a strong work ethic. 


Visit us 7 days a week! OPEN 9AM - 2PM.

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