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We moved!


Leesburg, VA - October 14,2020

COWBELL KITCHEN is moving locations to 26 North King Street in Leesburg, VA. Owners Cheryl Strasser and Breanne "Bre" Grant are over the moon with excitement to open their doors in early November. 

Cowbell is a female led and operated team that works together to bake, sell, and promote their locally-sourced delights. The team will be proudly showing off their skills through the new location's expanded menu offerings. In addition to their delicious raved-about pastries and classic menu items such as smoothie bowls and breakfast sandwiches, the new menu will include vegan gluten free pancakes, a whole wheat BBQ chicken flatbread, and the return of the grilled cheese sandwich. Beautiful pastries will line the display case, including favorites such as pound cake and homemade pop tarts. The new opening is perfectly timed for the holiday season - they will have full-sized pies for Thanksgiving dinner and holiday cookie boxes.

The new location will be takeout-style with an open view into the production kitchen. The bakery is nestled behind a historic building with cozy porch seating and a hidden patio. 

Cowbell started out of a trailer in the parking lot at Lucketts and then spread to farmers markets throughout the DC/NOVA area. In 2017 they opened their first retail location in Leesburg. Cowbell Kitchen continues to grow but stays true to their roots. Locally sourced ingredients are of the utmost importance to Cowbell's mission in bringing delicious homestyle food to their customers. 

In 2018 Cheryl and Bre were brought together through their beloved Kaeley "KK" Brady. Cheryl, founder of Cowbell, was KK's best friend and business partner when they first opened their doors in Leesburg on Market Street. Bre is KK’s older sister. 23-year-old KK was living her dream of owning her own shop when she passed away tragically in 2018. After the loss of KK, Cheryl and Bre were reunited with a shared passion and dream. KK's dream to have the shop will live on and is in full color at their new location. 

During the opening month at the new space, Cowbell Kitchen will sell vegan pastry boxes, with all proceeds donated to Love, KK Foundation. Established in memory of KK, the foundation's mission is to empower local small businesses, farmers, and people in the community with an entrepreneurial spirit by providing awareness , educational assistance, resources, and learning experiences. For more information about the Love, KK Foundation visit

Visit us 7 days a week! OPEN 9AM - 2PM.

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